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Astana city

Astana (formerly Tselinograd, even earlier Akmolinsk) was founded in 1824 as a military fortification, founded by the Russian-Kazakh troops on the banks of the River Ishim in the area Karaotkel. In 1868 it became the chief city with a population of 10 thousand people.

With the development virgin and fallow lands in northern Kazakhstan Astana received a new development in the 60 years of the last century. In March 1955 the train arrived here with young people to explore virgin lands. The city was renamed to Tselinograd and acquired the title of the administrative center of the predial region.

In 1998 the Republic of Kazakhstan became independent country, Astana city became the youngest capital of the world.

The symbol of the city is the tower “Baiterek”, whose height is 105 meters. At the level of 97 meters there is  an observation deck. There is an art gallery, huge aquarium and a restaurant in the building of the tower.


The city’s industry is known the agro-engineering, food industry, processing of agricultural materials, the transport sector.

Astana became the youngest capital city in the world – this city is the largest business, diplomatic, commercial and cultural center. All governmental organizations, diplomatic representation from 44 countries and 113 joint ventures and foreign enterprises located here.

Every year the city has organized various international exhibitions, conferences, musical events and festivals of Peoples of Kazakhstan.

In 1999, the UNESCO decision, Astana was awarded the title “City of Peace”.

There are a theater of opera and ballet, Drama Theater, a lot of museums in the city.

The climate in the region has long snowy winters. Average temperature in January is -14°C to 18°C with a decrease to -40°C. Spring is late, but very picturesque. Typically, spring begins in late March. At this time the steppe looks especially beautiful, plain covered with irises and tulips. Summer in Astana, moderately hot and often rains, sunny days are very valuable for people. Average temperature in July is 20°C to 24°C.

Travel Astana

Look at Astana with bird’s-eye view! “Astana – Baiterek” – the world’s only glass sphere with a diameter of 22 meters and weighing 300 tones, changing the color of sunlight, the height of 105 meters and weighing over 1000 tons, which stands at five hundred piles.

Plunge into the world of the ocean or the jungle in the middle of the steppe! Entertainment center “Duman” for children and adults, with only one in central Asia oceanarium, which is home to over 2,000 exotic fish and sharks.

Fly on a “flying saucer”, big and small fans Circus, with acrobats and a juggler, tame lions and bears.

Put yourself in the historical events of our country, visit the Museum of the president, in which more than 60 thousand exhibits, the Palace of Peace and Harmony, Museum named after Saken Seifullin, Museum of Contemporary Art, ethno memorial complex Atameken.

Plunge into the world of art and creativity, you can visit the National Opera and Ballet Theater, Russian Drama Theater, the Kazakh music and drama theatre.

Take a wonderful shopping in the “Mega Centre Astana”, where children can visit the attraction “Babylon”.

Try the cuisine of different nations in the network of new restaurants along the avenue Turan, spend the night with a fire-dancing in the disco bars and clubs of the city.


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